Friday, June 17, 2011

Famous Ithaca College Alumni

I recently learned that someone I regularly watched on television growing up was an Ithaca College graduate. I’ll get to him momentarily, but it got me thinking about the most famous Ithaca College graduate. Here are the candidates in no particular order:

Karl Ravech – ESPN

C.C.H. Pounder – Actress, ER & The Shield

David Boreanaz – Actor, Buffy the Vampire; Angel & Bones.

Gavin MacLeod – Actor, The Mary Tyler Moore Show & The Love Boat

David Muir – ABC News

Jessica Savitch – First female network anchor

Barbara Gaines – Producer, David Letterman

Robert Iger – President & CEO of Disney

Mark Romanek – Director, One Hour Photo; Never Let Me Go and dozens of music videos

Lanny Frattare – Former Pittsburgh Pirates broadcaster

Please note that Ricki Lake and Gavin DeGraw both attended IC, but they are ineligible from this list since they did not graduate.

Back to the original reason for this post. Robert (Bob) Marella, a 1959 Ithaca graduate, will be inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. You may know Robert Marella better as Gorilla Monsoon.

I feel like I knew that Gorilla Monsoon was an IC graduate but forgot.

Anyway, my guess is that David Boreanaz is the most famous IC graduate among people under 40. Folks over 40 will probably argue that Gavin MacLeod, Captain Stubing himself, is the most famous. Of course, Pittsburgh Pirates might say that there was "no doubt about it" and vote for Lanny Frattare. Your thoughts?

Update: There are a few more famous IC graduates missing from this list. You can see them in my April 2013 blog post.

Update: I created a much more comprehensive and updated list of Ithaca College alumni in this June 2021 post.

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hizes said...

Gorilla Monsoon? Wow, I watched him as a kid. That's a LONG time ago.
Robert Iger? Runs a Mickey Mouse operation. : )
That's a good list of alum.