Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great Mustaches in History: Movember Update

John Oates

Hulk Hogan

Attorney General Eric Holder*


I've written several times now that I'm growing this mustache as part of Movember to raise awareness and funds to fight prostate cancer. For those of you who have only heard of Movember from my blog, here's more about this special month and other folks growing their own mustaches:

- The Huffington Post features Movember
- The Ball State University men's lacrosse team are growing mustaches for Movember.
- Canada's Alpine Ski team is in.
- Here are 10 literary mustaches for Movember. (h/t WahooJ)

I hope that you consider donating to Movember by clicking on this link. The donations are tax deductible and go to a great cause! In addition, thanks to the folks who have already contributed!

Finally, prepare to be Wann-stache'd!

h/t Pitt Blather

* What does it say that I felt the need to identify this country's Attorney General but not a musician and a wrestler?


carissajaded said...

Look at you stach' growin fool!

It fits your face though! You look handsome! Well done, well done!

Brendon said...

I love it. You're starting to look like Mario.

No offense.

Sean said...

Carissa - For the "you look handsome" quote, you have now become my favorite commenter ever!

Godard - No offense taken. Why would I be offended by being compared to Mario Lemieux? Wait, there's another Mario?