Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Thoughts

* I’d like to call out Christine Brennan of USA Today. On Good Morning America this morning, she said that the Tiger Woods accident story would have gone away at this point if it wasn’t for the internet and the blogosphere. That’s an interesting point since the Tiger Woods story is on the front page of today’s USA Today (A1) and was also the second item on GMA behind only the incident where four Washington police officers were killed. Yes, this is definitely a story because of bloggers.

* I thought that Dennis Dixon played well in his first NFL start. The loss is definitely not on him. While I certainly understand that the coaches wanted to put him in as little risk for injury as possible, I really would have liked to have seen a play call or two in OT where Dixon could have run the ball himself.

* By the way, I liked the old Pittsburgh Pirates hat Dennis Dixon’s father wore at the game.

* Shopping at Kohl’s recently, I noticed that they are selling perfumes from the following celebrities: Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Halle Barry and Usher. I hope that Miley Cyrus and Beyonce are looking for new agents!

* Since the Penguins scored eight goals at home against the New York Rangers on Saturday night, does that mean that everyone with a ticket stub received free chili from Wendy’s? This promotion that occurred when the Pens scored seven or more goals has probably been over for about 20 years now.

* Congratulations to the Woodland Hills High School football team for winning the WPIAL AAAA football title against the Gateway Gators on Friday night. For folks not familiar with Woodland Hills, famous graduates include current NFL players Jason Taylor (Dolphins), Ryan Mundy (Steelers), Shawntae Spencer (49ers), Steve Breaston (Cardinals) and Lousaka Polite (Dolphins) as well as “famous blogger” Sean (Sean’s Ramblings).

Today could be the last day of the mustache. More on this tomorrow, but you can donate to the Movember Foundation by clicking here.


lacochran said...

You don't want to keep it? But it's so mustachey. Like super-mustache!

Sean said...

I'd be fine with keeping it, but some poeple (meaning my wife) is not a fan.