Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Santonio Holmes' Hyperbaric Chamber*

The big discussion surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers this week is whether or not Ryan Clark will play in Denver against the Broncos. Without going into the entire story here (since many of you probably already know about this), Clark nearly died from a reaction in his blood to the sickle cell caused by playing in the high elevation. The Post-Gazette's Ed Bouchette asked WR Santonio Holmes about this since he also has the sickle-cell trait. While Holmes said that he'll be fine, this quote stood out for me:

"I have an oxygen chamber at home, a hyperbaric chamber at home, so I'll definitely, probably spend the rest of this week sleeping in it to get a feel for how it will be."

We'll skip the definitely, probably portion of the quote to focus on the hyperbaric chamber. Where does someone get one of these? If I installed a hyperbaric chamber in my condo and had it convey, could I significantly increase the asking price?

This doesn't look very comfortable, but perhaps Holmes has the best hyperbaric chamber on the market. He probably has a king-size version of the hyperbaric chamber with a built-in speaker system. I know that I would!

* This title could make for an excellent blog name.


Cotter said...

I hear he originally bought it because someone told him it was a really high tech gravity bong.

carissajaded said...

Dude, I could pimp that thing out and make it feel like an awesome fort. Like those tents you put up over your twin bed? Let me know when you find out where you can get one of those!?

Business Horse said...

I believe that Anthony Gonzalez had one at Ohio State (they had a segment on ESPN one day)...and so I would imagine that it's probably relatively popular. His looked more like a tent with clear siding and ample space inside to move.

San Antonio is probably rocking something similar. And there's probably a bong inside of it.

Messiah said...

Hines has one, and he shipped it to Tampa before the Super Bowl to heal his sprained knee. Perhaps that is where Santonio got the idea. But I don't think you sleep in it. I think that kills you or something.

Sean said...

Cotter - The bong joke for Santonio is just as easy as Jeff Reed and Sheetz towel dispensers. That said, your comment still made me chuckle.

Carissajaded - With Pimp Your Ride off the air (I think), you can create a brand new show called Pimp Your Hyperbaric Chamber. I feel like Bravo would do this if they could tie in Real Housewives.

Vern - How did Anthony Gonzalez have one at Ohio State? Did the athletic department purchase one? I certainly didn't get a hyperbaric chamber when I was a student at OSU! Regarding the bong joke, please see my comment above (and I chuckled again).

Messiah - I guess that I don't understand what a hyperbaric chamber does. It can simulate a higher elevation and heal a sprained knee? Is this what the visitors on V are using for their health centers?