Monday, November 23, 2009

Ziggy In The Morning

I am trying to block out everything that happened between 1:00 and 4:30 Sunday afternoon, so I'm not going to write a Steelers recap today. Instead, in honor of Ziggy arriving in our home exactly one year ago last week, I figured I'd share this story from Saturday:

4:45am - Ziggy: Jumps on nightstand, bats bedroom blinds.
4:46 - Me: Grabs spray bottle from nightstand, sprays Ziggy with water, Ziggy squeaks and jumps down.
4:47 - Ziggy: Bats other set of bedroom blinds.
4:47 - Me: Sprays Ziggy; no clue if I am successful as he may be out of range.
4:48 - Sean: Gets up to go to bathroom.
4:49 - Ziggy: Happy I am awake. Purrs and rubs up against my leg. He is wet.
4:50 - Sean: Walks back to bed.
4:50 - Ziggy: Tries to grab my leg to prevent me from returning to bed.
4:53 - Ziggy: Jumps on dresser, knocks remote controls on to the floor.
4:55 - Ziggy: Jumps on nightstand again, meows in preparation of batting blinds.
4:56 - Sean: Gets out of bed, Ziggy follows.
4:56 - Sean: Makes sure Ziggy is out of bedroom, closes door.
5:30 - Ziggy: Meows loudly. Throws himself against bedroom door. Eventually successful in opening door.
5:35 - Sean: Gets out of bed, walks to kitchen, feeds Ziggy.
5:35 - Ziggy: Purrs & eats.
5:36 - Sean: Goes back to bed.
8:30 - Sean: Wakes up, Ziggy is curled up and sleeping comfortably against my feet. He's very cute.

I really, really, really love my kitten, but unfortunately, this is almost a daily occurrence. He's so cute, affectionate, playful and loving 23 hours of the day; it's just that other one hour. But how can you not love this guy:


lacochran said...

You are not alone.

Nichole Fisher said...

I think 4-5am must be the witching hour for cats. My two think that 4:30 is the ideal time to want to play.

Messiah said...

Did you get the spray bottle idea from Modern Family?

Sean said...

Lacochran - I've seen the second video one several times before. Very funny and realistic (except for the baseball bat).

Nichole - Do all cats have the same 4-5am internal alarm clock or something?

Messiah - No we've had the spray bottle for months. Now, Sloppy Jay's idea is from Modern Family!

Remarkably, Ziggy didn't bother us at all this morning. I sincerely doubt that there will be a two-day streak.

Mystery Man said...

I figured out that if I feed my cat before I go to bed it is less likely that he will wake me up so early. Sometimes I am unsuccessful.