Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trivia Tuesday: Name the Movie Band

Happy Tuesday everyone! If the Steelers lost last night, I would not have started this post with this phrase, but a Steelers win equals a Happy Tuesday! Anyway, your challenge this week is to name the movie based on the famous fictional band. The quiz begins (dramatic pause), NOW!

1. Citizen Dick
2. The Thamesmen
3. The Good Old Boys
4. The Soggy Bottom Boys
5. The Wonders
6. Stillwater
7. Steel Dragon
8. Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate
9. The Lone Rangers
10. Wyld Stallyns

For trivia night, we were presented with a list of movies, so the challenge was to match the band with the movie. I'm not going to include the movie titles, for now, but if you're struggling (and ask nicely), we can play the match game later.

As usual, please leave your responses in the comments section below and please don't search the internet for answers. Good luck!

This quiz is courtesy of the fine folks at Stump Trivia.


Brendon said...

1. Reality Bites
2. Roadhouse
3. Roadhouse
4. Roadhouse
5. Roadhouse
6. Almost Famous
7. Rock Star? (damnit! I can remember everything about this movie, but the name!)
8. The Bodyguard
9. Airheads
10. Roadhouse

Nichole Fisher said...

4. O Brother Where Art Thou
5. That Thing You Do!

Sean said...

Let's go to the answers:

1. Godard - You are very, very close with Reality Bites.

Sadly the answer for 2-5 is not Roadhouse.

Nichole is correct with #4 & #5.

Godard is on the board with Rock Star (nic job!) and Airheads.

So we still need #1, 2, 6, 8 & 10. I'm willing to give the movie names (or even an actor in one of the movies) if someone needs help.

Brendon said...

I had the worst time with number 1. I knew what real life bands were in the movie and could even see the cover of the movie in my mind, but just couldn't think of the name.

carissajaded said...

1. is singles... the band in Reality bites is Hey thats my Bike!!

My favorite movie of allll time...

Sean said...

Carissa is on the board with the correct answer for #1!

Gobo said...

8 is Coming to America.

Christian said...

#10 Wyld Stallyns is the band that, according to George Carlin, brings peace to the world and realligns the planets in the Bill and Ted movies.

Archi said...

6 is Almost Famous!

Sean said...

Gobo, Christian & Archi are all correct. Nicely done!

In case you were wondering, #2 was This Is Spinal Tap.

Thanks again to everyone for participating in this week's Trivia Tuesday! We'll be back in two and two!