Thursday, July 23, 2009

Washington DC Moment

When someone that doesn’t know me asks where I live, I generally reply the Washington DC area. While this is technically true as I live in Fairfax County and work in Arlington, I rarely visit Washington itself. Now that we’re in summer, I make it into DC a little bit more than the rest of the year due to my ultimate frisbee league. During last night’s game, I could look in the sky and see the Washington Monument. Although I’ve now lived in the DC area for eight years, I don’t get tired of this.

My true DC moment occurred after the game while walking to the car. As I cut through the underrated FDR Memorial just after 9:00pm, there were dozens of people looking at and taking pictures of the memorial. I heard multiple languages and accents being spoken and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. I continued to walk by the Tidal Basin and got a great view of both the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial. Just around the corner, and I walked along the Potomac River and could see the Air Force Monument (Memorial?) and part of the Pentagon in Virginia. The entire walk was peaceful and calming even with the blisters on my feet. I really should take this walk and visit some of the city’s and nation’s treasures more often as they really are amazing.

I seem to be getting a little sentimental about Washington in this post. Therefore, I’ll close with this: I still don’t like the Washington Redskins. OK, back to normal!

I completely lost track of days, so there is no TMI Thursday this week. It will return next week.


Anonymous said...

You must have been in East Potomac Park. It's a great place with a lot of great scenery. I go down through there to rollerblade at Hains Point at least once a week. I pass the Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, etc. along the way. Plus at the end at Hains Point I like to sit and watch the planes taking of at the Airport.

I agree though, I love some parts of the city a lot, but I could never never never cheer for the Caps.

Sean said...

You are correct anonymous. I played ultimate at the Polo Fields (with many planes flying overhead) and then walked back to my car about one mile away.