Sunday, July 12, 2009

Attention Reston Residents

I usually don’t write about politics, especially local politics, but I need to write about the election for the Reston Citizen Association's ("RCA") Board. There is a candidate for an at-large seat named Ken Meyercord, who describes himself as "a Holocaust revisionist." From The Washington Post:

"I believe millions of Jews were uprooted from their homes and died in droves," Meyercord said. But he dismisses as Allied propaganda the assertion that Nazi Germany embarked on a mission to annihilate European Jews, a plan known as the Final Solution. He also denies that Nazis used gas chambers to murder Jews, saying gas chambers did not exist, and expresses skepticism that the number of Holocaust victims reached 6 million.

From the Washington Jewish Week:

In addition, Meyercord calls into question the number of Jews killed at Auschwitz, and disputes the accuracy of a photograph depicting "smoke billowing up" from crematoria, claiming the smoke was "air brushed in."

I generally don’t really care about the RCA and Reston politics. I don’t understand why Reston residents have to pay a fairly significant amount of money for the "privilege" of living in Reston (in addition to the county and state taxes we pay). However, I don’t want Meyercord representing me and my fellow Reston residents.

Therefore, if you live in Reston, I encourage you to go to the Reston Festival TODAY (Sunday, July 12) and vote for Tammi Petrine and write-in Colin Mills, a former member of the RCA Board, for the at-large positions. The election takes place from 10-6 at the RCA booth at the Reston Festival.

Update 7/14: According to The Washington Post, Mills received 1,157 write-in votes. Meyercord, who had been running unopposed, received only 23 votes. Wow!

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