Friday, July 03, 2009

Pirates Sign Three Taiwanese Players

I'm writing this post for all of my readers in Taiwan. In Thursday's PBC blog, Dejan Kovacevic reported that "the Pirates signed three players from Taiwan on the opening day of the international signing period: outfielder Ping-Hung Chi, right-handed pitcher Sheng-Chin Hung and first baseman Chih-Wei Hsu." There's even video of the signing of two players (I don't know which two, but my guess is the first two since they went to the same high school...possibly) courtesy of WHYGAVS:

The new Pirates look really, really young. I also found this picture of Hsu (on the right) at a Boston Red Sox facility.

You may have Jason Bay, Boston, but Pittsburgh has Hsu!

Photo from this album via Taiwan Baseball.

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