Friday, July 31, 2009

Trivia Friday: For Football Fans

Trivia is generally reserved for Tuesday, but I saw this yesterday and figured I would pose the question here. Can you name the back-up quarterback of the Chicago Bears?

When it comes to football, I follow almost anything and everything involving the Pittsburgh Steelers, although I consider myself a football fan in general. I also know the depth charts of most NFL teams, at least at the QB, RB & WR positions, for fantasy football purposes. However, I have never heard of the quarterback listed as second on the Bears’ current depth chart.

Without searching the internet, can you name this QB? For Bears fans, do you even know this guy?


Brendon said...

I can't even name their starting quarterback.

Sean said...

Jay Cutler is the starter. He was a big story earlier this year because he and his new coach in Denver didn't get along. Of course, I think we were both focussed on the Penguins Stanley Cup run to notice!

football said...

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