Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trivia Tuesday: What's Your Favorite Movie?

Airplane or Office Space?
Good Will Hunting or Die Hard?
Batman or Spaceballs?
Meet the Parents or The 40 Year-Old Virgin?
Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Untouchables?
Casino or Traffic?

WahooJ (as I refer to him here) introduced me to Flickchart, a website that lets you "rank movies to create your own personal list of favorites." Flickchart shows you two movies and you pick your favorite among the two. From there, the website comes up with your top 20 movies. In case you're wondering, after spending over an hour on the website, here is my current Top 5:

5. Inside Man
4. Batman
3. Raiders of the Lost Ark
2. The Untouchables
1. Field of Dreams

Yes, my current top 2 movies both star the underrated Kevin Costner.

I feel like I got somewhat screwed by having Pulp Fiction match-up against Usual Suspects in the first round. Both of these could wind up in the top five eventually.

Anyway, for today's Trivia Tuesday, feel free to answer the questions at the top of the page and/or share your own top five in comments section below.

Let me warn you that Flickchart is extremely addictive. You have been warned! Warned I tell you!


lacochran said...

But do they ask about Gigli?

Sean said...

Actually, yes. Gigli did come up as a choice.

Is that in your top 5, LA?

tiny350Z said...

I wouldn't like having to choose between Pulp Fiction and Usual Suspects - since those are two of my favorite movies.

Sean said...

Tiny350Z - I agree with you. If I clicked for another hour, I'd bet that both Pulp Fiction and Usual Suspects wind up in my top 5.