Friday, July 24, 2009

Brand New Referrals

I haven’t done this in a while, but here are real searches generally from Google or Yahoo that real people used to find and visit Sean’s Ramblings:

Jeff Reed inventing females at Slippery Rock University
You thought Jeff Reed was just a kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s also a mad scientist during the off-season.

Michelle Trachtenberg Satan
You saw Ice Princess, didn’t you?

how many oscars did Aretha Franklin win?
Two. One for Blues Brothers and one for Blues Brothers 2000.

I'm concerned that my song has a secret girlfriend
Concerned? I’d be freaked out if my song had a secret (or any) girlfriend!

Did Ivanka Trump attend a Seder on Passover?
I do not divulge who attends my Seders.

Hank Williams Jr shirtless pics
This is disturbing.

I want to read book now
I’m not going to stop you.

How many times has Antonio Holmes been MVP of the game in the super bowls?
I’ll go with zero.

What do I do when the bathroom is occupied and I really have to go?
Who wants to answer this one?

Benny Distefano is he married
Who wants to answer this one?

can year old unopened box of matzoh be used
Sure. Matzoh can be an excellent fill-in for plywood.

(Yes, I included this search only to post this Ziggy picture again!)

Harrison interception return was not a touchdown his head touched the group and the ball did not brake the plain of the goal line
Apparently, you need to visit Sean's Ramblings for a full explanation.

joke about lady in bathroom stall on cell phone
Did she walk into a bar?

my name is luck i live on the second floor lyrics
I remember this song slightly differently


Have a great weekend!

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