Monday, September 29, 2008

Doctor Doctor Give Me The News

I visited my doctor last week for my annual physical. Actually, annual may not be the correct term as my previous trip took place in January 2007. (Wait a second. I had an appointment in January 2007 and then another one in September 2008. That is annual; sort of. I love having internal debates with myself!) So I arrived at 8:25 for an 8:30 appointment and waited. Two other patients who arrived after I did got called back. Was my doctor running late? Does he not like me anymore? Why is one medical assistant talking about Jessica Alba dating Justin Timberlake? Fortunately, another medical assistant corrected her a few minutes later, because I didn’t want to tell her that she had the wrong Jessica.

Finally, around 8:45, they called my name and directed me to the scale. I had been looking forward to this since I made the appointment so I could see what my weight is now as compared to January 2007. The result: I am 4 pounds lighter than 20 months ago. However, I disagree. The nurse assistant had me go on the scale immediately after I came back. I got weighed while wearing all of my clothes including my shoes and still had my wallet, keys and cell phone in my pocket. I don’t think this was the case during my previous trip, but since I was already behind schedule (I was going straight to work after the appointment), I didn’t question her. My guess is that I’m at least 7 pounds lighter now (and probably even more after all of the running I did refereeing soccer games this weekend).

During my last appointment, the doctor recommended that I start taking Omega-3 Fatty Acid, or as I generally call them, fish pills. Since there’s nothing else exciting to write about my trip to the doctor, I wanted to share with you my cholesterol results.

Cholesterol Total: 1/2/07 – 165, 9/22/08 – 160
Triglycerides: 92, 57
HDL (I think this is the good cholesterol): 34, 46
VLDL: 18, 11
LDL: 113, 103

While I think these numbers are an improvement, if anyone else knows anything about cholesterol, please feel free to chime in below.


Nick said...

I have been taking medication for high cholesterol since I was 18, so I consider myself somewhat of an authority on this subject. Your HDL, LDL, Triglycerides and overall cholesterol numbers are very good. I have no idea what VLDL is.

lacochran said...

I know nothing about cholesterol but I know about scales. I ALWAYS take my shoes off before I get on a scale. That can make a HUGE difference.

Sean said...

Thanks for the reassurance, Nick.

lacochran - My shoes alone probably weighed 3 pounds!