Sunday, September 14, 2008

Steelers-Browns Live Blog

Welcome to my live blog of the Pittsburgh Steelers-Cleveland Browns game. I am live from my couch with my Terrible Towel right next to me. I’ll be writing my thoughts about the game, and you are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Since Brett Favre and the Jets lost this afternoon, I’ll give the over/under of Favre mentions during the telecast by John Madden and/or Al Michaels at 3. (If the Jets won, this number would be 6)

I’ll also have the over/under on commercials for My Own Worst Enemy, Christian Slater’s new show at 4.

Oh, I’ll predict a Steelers win by the score 34-17.

First Quarter

We’re getting a story from Andrea Kremer that it’s windy. I appreciate her telling us this since I wouldn’t have noticed her hair blowing and the papers swirling behind her.

Just one day, I want a player in the introductions to say Ithaca College when talking about where they went to school. In case you were wondering (doubtful), the Bombers won Saturday and are now 2-0.

I really like Bryant McFadden’s goatee! I don't know if this is the most up-to-date picture, but this is what I found.

Nice D to start the game as Cleveland goes three and out.

After getting a first down (via a Santonio Holmes catch), Ben gets sacked and the Steelers have to punt.

Joshua Cribbs, the Browns kick returner, really scares me but the punt coverage was solid.

A nice drop by Braylon Edwards means another three and out.

I'm now convinced that we're going to hear about the wind or weather every other play. 8:34 to play in the first.

In case you are scoring at home, that’s 2 commercials for Heroes; none for My Own Worst Enemy.

Michael Phelps is in the stadium, but his mom and her clothing line are not. John Madden says that he wants to be Michael Phelps for one day. I think I speak for all Americans by writing that no one wants to see John Madden in the swimming pool.

On the long pass attempt to Willie Parker, Santonio Holmes looked wide-open in the middle of the field.

After a rare Hines Ward drop, it’s another punt. That’s now six punts, and I believe only two first downs (both for Pittsburgh). Right on cue, the Browns get a first down. 1:33 left in the first.

To end the first quarter, the Browns are forced to punt again and then Parker has two rushes to pick up a Steelers first down.

Second Quarter

Just before the second quarter began, we get our first My Own Worst Enemy commercial.

An unsuccessful QB sneak on 3rd and one leads to another punt. Do you sense a theme about how this game has gone so far?

McFadden and his goatee make an interception after having great coverage on Braylon Edwards.

Have I mentioned that I have the Steelers defense in two fantasy leagues?

The Steelers get a little lucky. Instead of a Cleveland sack, the defender grabs Roethlisberger’s face mask. 15-yard penalty; automatic first down.

Shaun Rodgers at 350 pounds is a big man. I would tell him that he spells his name wrong, but he frightens me.

Terrible call on a 3rd and 1 as Ben hands the ball off to Fast Willie while in the shotgun position. (This sentence sounds somewhat dirty.) The Steelers are stopped short, but rush to the line on 4th and 1. Odd situation where Ben draws the Browns offsides, but Coach Tomlin calls time-out as the ball is snapped.

Big run by Fast Willie for a first down followed by a Holmes catch to the Browns’ 15.

Another drop by Hines but this one is in the end zone. The ball was slightly behind Ward and there were two Browns near him, but Hines usually makes those catches.

After a time-out, on 3rd and 9 from the 11, Ward redeems himself with a TD catch. 7-0 Steelers!

NBC Update, with 6:26 left in the second quarter: 3 commercials for Heroes; 2 for My Own Worst Enemy.

So I started writing that Andrea Kremer has not provided an update about Brett Kiesel, who left the game a little earlier. I wrote that maybe she is helping the stadium staff by picking up some of the trash that has been blowing around. Just as I was ready to publish this, Kremer reports that Kiesel has a right calf injury and his return is questionable, but doubtful.

The Browns get a few first downs including a nice leaping catch by Kellen Winslow Jr.

In case you were wondering, the Post-Gazette’s Blog ‘N’ Gold is also live blogging tonight.

Cleveland finishes the first half with some poor clock management. After running a QB sneak on 3rd and 1, and earning a first down on the Steelers’ 11, they let the clock run to 8 seconds and take their final time-out. Instead of going for a field goal, the Browns try a pass to the end zone, which is intercepted by Troy Polamalu. 7-0 at halftime.

Just a few comments about the first half. Troy Polamalu has played very well and been all over the field. The Steelers special teams have contained Cribbs. The only completions so far are to Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes. A pass or two to Heath Miller would be nice. Has Rashard Mendenhall (now the representative for Champion sports wear) been in the game yet?

Third Quarter

Speaking of Mendenhall, he’s on the field to return the second half kick-off.

Roethlisberger gets slammed to the ground by Shaun “Big Baby” Rodgers. The wrongly spelled one scares me even more.

Old School is playing on TNT.

Did you know that Rob Brown is one of the stars of "The Express: The Ernie Davis Story?" I’ve spent the past five minutes trying unsuccessfully to find a picture of Rob Brown in a Penguins uniform, so I’m settling for this:

It may be a different Rob Brown playing Ernie Davis.

48-yard reception from Ben to Santonio sets up a 48-yard field goal for Jeff Reed. 7:58 left in the third; 10-0 Steelers!

Roughing the passer penalty on LaMarr Woodley. Questionable call but Woodley will need to learn to hold up in those situations in the future.

Ryan Clark and Braylon Edwards just had a nasty collision on an incomplete pass. Clark is down. During the commercial, a taunting penalty is called against James Farrior. Cleveland has first and goal from the 10.

Fortunately, Cleveland does nothing, and Phil Dawson kicks a field goal. Steelers-10, Browns-3. Thirty yards in penalties certainly helped the Browns.

What the hell? The wind apparently causes lots of problems on the kick-off bounces off of several players (both Steelers and Browns), is last touched by Woodley and goes out of bounds. Steelers ball inside their own five.

To end the quarter, Ben completes a 31-yard pass to Hines. Yes, I’m on a first-name basis with both of these guys.

Fourth Quarter

If Woodley received a roughing the passer penalty earlier, the officials should have also thrown a flag for Shaun Rodgers’ shoulder hit on Ben after the pass was thrown. Cheap shot.

The Browns get the ball back and start an impressive drive. 23-yard catch and run by Jerome Harrison who made about 8 Steeler defenders miss; 6-yard catch by Winslow on 3rd and 5; 8-yard catch by Syndric Steptoe (is that a real name?) on 3rd and 7; 9-yard pass to Edwards on 3rd and 7. The Steelers need a stop!

And the Steelers do make a stop and force Cleveland to kick a field goal. Dawson does so, and the score is 10-6 Steelers. 3:21 remaining; both teams have each of their three time-outs.

The unofficial commercial count: 5 for Heroes; 3 for My Own Worst Enemy.

Hello Heath Miller. Nice to see you! I like the call on 2nd and long to have Ben roll out and fire the ball to Heath for a 19-yard gain. The Browns take their second time-out.

After a 4-yard run by Fast Willie, Cleveland takes its final time-out with 2:42 left in the game.

Willie runs for 19 and gets a first down but gets tackled out of bounds. Parker now has 104 yards rushing. Hooray for Fast Willie. Two minute warning.

Cleveland stops Pittsburgh on a 4th and 4 on the Browns’ 21 with 26 seconds remaining. I know there’s a risk of a blocked kick, but why not kick a field goal? Of course, I’m very tired, so I probably have no idea what I’m talking/writing about.

Two incompletions and a sack and that's it. Steelers win 10-6.

Nice game by the defense holding Anderson to 166 yards with two interceptions, Jamal Lewis to 38 yards on 19 carries and Edwards to only 3 catches for 32 yards. Fast Willie rushed for 105 yards. Except for that botched kick-off, the Steelers special teams played great.

In the post-game, Ben ignored Kremer's three questions about his shoulder. This may not be good.

I'm going to sleep. Thanks for checking this out and a special thanks to anyone who actually made it to the end.


Anonymous said...

Yay for Holmes catching a long ball and for doing so well tonight!!!

Not that I need it, my fantasy team is basically guaranteed a win because the other guy only has Marion Barber left and I have Holmes, the Dallas D and a 50 point lead. Yippee!

Aren't you glad you started Rivers?


Sean said...

Starting Rivers was a good decision. Congrats on your win, Kim!

Anonymous said...

That was interesting how Big Ben ignored Kramers questions about his shoulder. There were also a lot of shots of him grimacing throughout the game (which Madden & Michaels totally ignored). It didn't seem to affect his velocity, but it does make me worry - especially when we are Batchless.

Unknown said...