Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soccer Mom Targeted for Carrying Gun to Game

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LEBANON - A south central Pennsylvania woman's concealed-weapons permit has been revoked after other parents complained about seeing her carrying her loaded handgun at her daughter's soccer game.

Meleanie Hain says she's fighting the revocation by the Lebanon County sheriff.

Hain told the Lebanon Daily News she's always openly carried a firearm without any problems in the past. She received the revocation notice and a warning from local soccer officials after the Sept. 11 game.

Soccer coach Charlie Jones says parents were upset by Hain carrying her gun at the game.

Sheriff Michael DeLeo says openly carrying a weapon to a youth soccer match shows a lack of judgment. DeLeo says he'll restore her permit if a court decides he was wrong.

Hain is probably an Eagles fan too.

As a soccer referee, this freaks me out. Who is the first person players, coaches and parents get angry at during soccer games? It’s not the ice cream truck guy! Fortunately, I referee in Virginia which does not allow concealed weapons. Well, maybe not!

h/t Hugging Harold Reynolds


Anonymous said...

paranoid douche

I OC everywhere, even in to banks. Mothers OCing to a game is just fine, you've nothing to worry about, unless you're sexist.

Anonymous said...

Since when is a good law abiding citizen at fault for doing what she was licensed to do! Some people believe they can control an individual’s rights when they don’t “feel” good about it… What about telling her she can’t speak her mind; destroy the 1st amendment too while you’re at it. What she say’s might make you feel bad…