Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Morning Links and Other Thoughts

It’s so nice to have football back! To see the Steelers have an impressive season debut in defeating Houston. To know that there are games on for approximately 10 hours from Sunday early afternoon to Sunday night. To walk around the grocery store on a Sunday and see people wearing their football jerseys. (Although why was one guy wearing an A.J. Hawk Packers’ jersey when the team doesn’t play until Monday?) To follow your fantasy football teams and hope that Terrell Owens can score big points while his quarterback Tony Romo does not (or worse to root for Reggie Bush for one league and against him in another). Welcome back professional football!

Have you watched any football highlights from yesterday? If so, you may have noticed every announcer gushing over Brett Favre’s touchdown pass where he threw a terrible ball on a fourth down that somehow manager to find an open receiver. It’s only a matter of time (probably next week) when that same pass is intercepted.

On to the links…

Since I’m providing absolutely no analysis on yesterday’s Steelers game, here are thoughts from Mondesi’s House, D.C. Steeler Nation and Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies.

On Friday, I was honored to participate in Cotter’s (of One For the Other Thumb) weekly Meeting People is Easy feature.

Arjewtino is a Dodgers fan who on Friday wrote that, after the up-and-down season the team has had, he is in an abusive relationship. So what happens this weekend? The Dodgers swept Arizona and are back in first place. To Arjewtino, things could be much worse…you could be a Pittsburgh Pirates fan!

Finally, check out where you can earn money for charitable groups by answering free trivia questions.

Have a good day!

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