Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Trivia Tuesday

Welcome to another quiz, created by the folks at Stump Trivia from Monday night’s trivia. The birth name and year of the entertainer is given below; your challenge is to give the stage name. As always, please do not use the internet for the answers. Either you know it or you don’t.

1. Musician 1941- Robert Zimmerman

2. Actor 1904-1986 Archibald Leach

3. Actor 1935- Allen Konigsberg

4. Musician 1948- Vincent Fournier

5. Actor 1921-2003 Charles Bochinsky

6. Actor 1962- Thomas Mapother IV

7. Musician 1947- Reginald Dwight

8. Musician 1958- Tracy Marrow

9. Actor 1940- Ramon Estevez

10. Musician 1951- Gordon Sumner

In case you were wondering, our team, "Brady Seeking Perfect Season in Madden '09," correctly answered 7 of 10. Please leave your answers in the comment section. Good luck!


Gilahi said...

#4 is misspelled. It's "Furnier".

Anonymous said...

1. Bob Dylan
3. Woody Allen
5. Charles Bronson
6. Tom Cruise
9. Martin Sheen

Anonymous said...

10. Sting

Sean said...

Gilahi - If was spelled incorrectly last night, so maybe that's why we got it wrong. Actually, the last name could be spelled Cooper and we still may not have got it right.

Here's a hint for #8 - The musician is also an actor who is part of one of the longest active TV series franchises.

Anonymous said...

Sean, would that be Ice T?

Sean said...

Paul, you are correct. Was that too much of a clue?

We're still looking for numbers 2, 4 & 7.

Gilahi said...

#2 - Archibald Leach is Cary Grant
#4 - Vincent Furnier is Alice Cooper
#7 - Reginald Dwight is Elton John

Sean said...

We got all of them. Nice job everyone!