Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Play a Doctor on the Internet

I spent much of Monday night and Tuesday looking at my left eye and eyelid. When I arrived home Monday evening after a game of pick-up ultimate frisbee, my wife greeted me by saying, "What’s wrong with you eye?" My response: "Huh?" It turns out that my left eyelid was slightly red and a bit puffy. (I wonder if this would have happened if I went to trivia instead.)

Anyway, when I awoke Tuesday morning, it was even worse. My primary concern was whether or not I had pink eye. I actually considered taking pictures of my eye and asking for readers’ opinions, hence the title of this post. (In full disclosure, I did take pictures of my eye, but they did not come out well.) After searching WebMD and other online medical sites, I determined that I did not have pink eye since there was no itchiness, tearing or discharge. Therefore, my theory is that I either got a bug bite on my eyelid as there were lots of gnats around (not Ryan Zimmerman or Dmitri Young) during frisbee or it is a Brenden Stai, I mean, sty.

My eye is better today, so here are a few completely unrelated links for your day:

I wish Georges Laraque could have been at my Bar Mitzvah (via Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies). Of course, Laraque would have only been 12 at my Bar Mitzvah, so that may not have been as cool.

Two Ithaca College baseball players were drafted: Shane Wolf by the Houston Astros in the 26th round and Bryan Gardner in the 34th round by the Cincinnati Reds. I can certainly see them contributing to a Pirate loss someday.

Finally, the Pittsburgh Penguins resigned the Iceman!


Messiah said...

I'm sure that Laraque would've enjoyed the chocolate baseballs in the mini-helmets at the Tree of Life reception room.

tecmo said...

Fact: Georges Laraque was the man when he was 12. Don't ask how I know

Sean said...

Messiah - Besides the excellent memory, I agree that Laraque would have enjoyed the chocolate baseballs and mini-helmets.

Tecmo - I'll take your word for it!

Anonymous said...

Go Big Red!