Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Steelers Trivia

I received a Pittsburgh Steelers calendar as a gift last December which proudly sits on my office desk. It is a daily calendar which alternates between a Steelers fact and a Steelers trivia question. Unfortunately, the calendar seems to focus on a Steeler player drafted recently and spends at least a week on this individual. I feel like I know more about Marvin Philip and Trai Essex than most people should. Last week’s featured player: Clark Haggans.

July 2: Linebacker Clark Haggans began his college career at Colorado State as a walk-on defensive end before going on to become the school’s all-time sacks leader.

July 3: Steelers linebackers Clark Haggans and Joey Porter were college teammates. At what school did they play together?

Really? Besides the fact that Joey Porter hasn’t been on the Steelers since the 2006-2007 season, does the maker of the calendar really think you have no short-term memory? Even if you didn’t know that Haggans attended Colorado State, I would hope that someone would not forget the answer in the split second you flip from one day to the next. I’d prefer a more challenging question to start the day such as at what school did Walter Abercrombie attend.

(Click on Abercrombie’s pro-football-reference page for the answer.)

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