Friday, August 24, 2007

Worst Song Ever?

Whenever there is a discussion about the worst song ever, two songs are generally involved: “We Built This City” by Starship and “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus. Personally, I have pretty good memories for both songs. When I was in elementary school, a friend and I thought the title should have been We Built This City on Rotten Rolls (this was very funny at the age of 10). Plus, I’ll always have a soft spot for Achy Breaky Heart because Myron Cope did a parody of the song. Anyway, I’ve gone off topic. I have a new nominee for worst song ever: “I Did Yo Boyfriend” by Melody.

Haven’t heard the song or the artist? You’re not alone, and I hope that you never do. I happened to hear this song on the radio last night, but through my internet search have had difficulty finding the lyrics or anything about the song. The artist is Melody, who has a MySpace page encouraging people to call radio station to request the song. As for the song, take the tune of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” change the lyrics, and there you go. Here’s the chorus:

Oooh, I did yo boyfriend
She didn’t know how to please him
Shorty, Oooh I did yo boyfriend
And you won’t ever get him back again.
Shorty, Shorty oooh

I did yo boyfriend, now your boyfriend’s goin be my baby

It gets worse. Here is part of the non-singing part of the song:

“Some things just ain’t meant to be
Like Bobby and Whitney
Like J-Lo and Diddy
Live Vivaca and Fifty
Like Kevin and Britney”

”I look better than you
I cook better than you
I dress better than you
And I sex better than you"

If you really, really want to hear this terrible song, it’s playing on Melody’s MySpace page. You have been warned!


Paul said...

All I can say is WOW! I think she needs to team up with Sisco, becuase this song is right up there with "The Thong Song".

Rob said...

What a talentless piece of shit!!!

Christine said...

Who owns the rights to "Grapevine"? They should sue...just because it is wretched.

Anonymous said...

I'm of the impression that "Party like a rock star" is the worst song ever.

Sean said...

I appreciate all of the responses! A few thoughts:

- The Thong Song has a great hook and catchy (even though silly) lyrics. I think it was also nominated for a Grammy, although that doesn't mean anything.

- Party Like a Rock Star is a good nomination for recent songs. I actually like the chorus (yes I know that they just sing "Party Like a Rock Star" 4 times), but I honestly can't tell you any other lyrics from the song. In my mind, the song is harmless.

What truly makes "I Did Yo Boyfriend" terrible goes to Christine's comment. Despite the California Raisins commercials, "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" is a classic song. Taking the tune and replacing it with "I Did Yo Boyfriend" is a travesty.

Paul said...

Let us not forget Mims "This is Why I'm Hot"

Sean said...

"This is Why I'm Hot" is a worthy nominee.

When I spoke ill of Daughtry several months ago, I received probably 7 hate comments questioning my opinion and sanity. I have not yet received any comments from Melody fans.

Nick said...

This song certainly sucks ass, but do NOT bring "This is Why Its Hot" into the discussion. I think the part that occurs mid-song where Mims subtly alters his flow to pay tribute to other rappers is really clever. Also, the point of the song is that his delivery is supposed to be lazy, e.g. he can sell a mil rapping nothing on this track.

Anonymous said...


I'm hot cause I'm fly, you ain't cause you not

Anonymous said...

MIMS is hottttt!! i think its a great song so don't hate! and party like a rock star too that guy don't have taste for good music

Rachelle said...

Basically, i LOVE this song! & i dont care what anyone has 2 say about it. it says "ha bitch! in your face"... i like it alot

*Jesbcuzz* said...

i Luv all these songs u mentiond on here they r all get u hiped songs!!! come correct on that kid. they all tight maybe u just need to stick to country or meatal and suck a big fat ass toe! ur a hooker-skank if u dont like these songs! and dont take my word either

Anonymous said...

Soulja Boy = worst song in recent memory, no contest