Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I’m calling you out Delaware! Well, note the entire state, just the small portion on Interstate 95. Even though the highway only goes through the state for about 10 miles, why is there always traffic and construction? Plus, why are the prices in the Delaware House Travel Plaza so high? Over the weekend, I bought a 7 oz. bag of Combos plus a 25 oz. bottled water. While the $1.79 price for the water is not too bad, the $3.99 cost for Combos is extravagant. Even worse is the fact that the store didn’t label the Combos price, so I didn’t know the cost until check out. With a line of a dozen people behind me, I really couldn’t exchange the Combos for a $2.50 small bad of Cool Ranch Doritos, which I already decided against because of the high price. As a comparison, an 8.8 oz bag of Combos cost $1.99 at CVS.

I’m heading back through Delaware on 95 in a few weeks, so I’m going to give the state a chance to redeem itself.

As a side note, how many millions of dollars does Delaware earn through tolls on 95? It seems like that could be a significant part of the state’s economy.


Anonymous said...

I know that Deleware is the "first state", but seriously it shouldn't be a state at all. I've never figured out why the Delmarva peninsula was never made a state.

JQ said...

The tolls in Delaware are a bit excessive. If you come in via NJ over the Delaware Memorial Bridge, there's one toll. Then there's another on I-95, that seems to be a "get out of Delaware" tax/toll.