Tuesday, August 14, 2007

California Tortilla Opens Today

Today is the grand opening of the California Tortilla in Reston! Stop by for free burritos and a beverage for everyone who visits for lunch (11:00 am to 1:30 pm) and dinner (5-7:30). I'm heading over now in hopes of being one of the first 10 people in line. I'll write more about my adventures (or lack thereof) later today.

With the recent additions of California Tortilla and Mama Lucia, which just opened a few weeks ago, Reston’s North Point Village Center is becoming the place to be (this may be a slight exaggeration).

Update 11:20 am - I was #8 in line and now have 52 coupons for a free burrito, one for every week over the next year. Much more later.


Messiah said...

Sorry, Reston -- Silver Spring's got a CalTor (as we like to call it), a Mama Lucia, AND a Red Lobster. And something called Piratz Tavern, where the servers all dress like pirates, wear swords, and talk pirate-talk.

Nick said...

C'mon, dude, you can't seriously be saying that Red Lobster elevates Silver Spring to superior status. Have you ever BEEN to a Red Lobster? It's beyond terrible!

Messiah said...

I meant it to be dripping with sarcasm. Having a Red Lobster as the jewel of your dalapidated city's redevlopment seemed an odd choice. I actually have been there once, and their biscuits are devine -- I assume they just scoop out lard with a melon baller, deep fry it, and put it in a breadbasket. The people behind us, though, asked to see the manager b/c their combo plate had only 5 shrimp and they thought they were entitled to more.

Sean said...

What an outrage! There should be at least 6 shrimp as part of a combo plate.

I think what Silver Spring really needs is a Long John Silver's restaurant. That would go perfect with the Piratz Tavern.