Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brand New Links

The Steelers have a 17-page rider for their hotel stays (from The Smoking Gun courtesy of the Post-Gazette’s Blog ‘N’ Gold). I have a few observations:
- For meeting space, the offense requires a 100 person theater style seating room with widely spaced chairs. Meanwhile, the defense requires a 50 person theater style seating space with widely spaced chairs. Why does the offense need double the amount of seats?
- Two omelet chefs for the pre-game meal. I love omelet stations!
- Each table must include Heinz Ketchup. Personally, I completely agree with this. Who likes Hunts over Heinz?
- The night of arrival “snack” includes pizza, hamburgers, chicken wings, linguini, ice cream (vanilla, chocolate and sherbet – what if someone wanted Mint Chocolate Chip?) and cookies. A nice light snack before bed.

When I wrote my Israeli baseball preview last month, I mentioned a recent graduate of Haverford College named Ben Field. Well, the Director of Communications of Haverford contacted me to inform everyone that Field is now blogging about his experience. Interesting stuff.

My favorite fantasy celebrity league website,, has a “Rock of Love” fantasy game based on the VH1 dating show starring Bret Michaels of Poison. From the site, “The Rock of Love fantasy game lets you pick your favorite trainwrecks girls from the show to your ROL team -- then your team scores points when they do crazy stuff during the episode.” My personal favorite is Lacey, although I can’t see her winning on the show because she is, how can I say this, a little bit crazy. My guess is Mia or Madgalena will be Bret's pick. (Yes, I have a problem and it’s called VH1 TV shows.)

Speaking of fantasy leagues, a Ph.D. candidate at Kent State University is doing a study about playing fantasy sports and why people play fantasy sports. I haven’t completed the questionnaire, but I’m all for helping a completely worthwhile project, assuming it doesn't take time away from my fantasy football league draft preparation. (Courtesy of Deadspin.)


Rinsem's Rink said...

Pizza, hamburgers, chicken wings, linguini and ice cream? Sounds like a normal snack? I don't see the problem.... hahahaa

Sean said...

Actually, that might all be just for Casey Hampton!