Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Referrals

Inspired by Morag, these are real searches (usually from Google) that real people used to find and visit this place. In cases where I am ranked first in Google searches, you will see “#1.”

will it rain tomorrow at sandcastle water park in Pittsburgh (#1)
When did I become Joe DeNardo?

if beyonce married roy castle
I don’t know this Roy Castle fellow, but Jay-Z would not be too happy if this happened. Would her married name be Beyonce Castle?

kathy griffith in thong (#1)
This is really disturbing. Not only that someone is searching the web for this, but that I am ranked first in Google. To quote a Grey’s Anatomy phrase: seriously?

a guy named alphabet soup from Baltimore
There’s really a guy from Baltimore named alphabet soup?

Lionel Andrés Messi jew (#1)
It would be awesome if Messi really is Jewish. We need to have more superstar Jewish athletes.

willis mcgahee cab driver (#1)
I know the football off-season can be long, but I don’t think McGahee needs to work as a cab driver to make ends meet.

secret seans for harry potter 5
It’s been a few years since I read the fifth Harry Potter (I’m currently re-reading #4 and will probably see the movie for #5 and re-read #6), but I don’t remember any secret Seans.

Does Cal Ripken Jr work for Jerry Springer

how to be a good beer man
Learn from the best. Go to RFK stadium, and find the guy I wrote about here.

evgeni malkin getting married in france
Evgeni didn’t invite me?

backstreet boys on 4 guys on october 31 2008
Um, Happy Halloween, I guess.

places like chukky cheese you can take kids to in houston texas in America
Well, if you’re in Houston, you could go to Chuck E. Cheese or take the NASA tour.

trai essex wedding
Trai didn’t invite me?

Where to get beer at rfk
Try the concession stand or look for the greatest beer man of all time.

im not internationally known but I am known to rock the microphone
I say this to myself everyday!

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