Friday, July 06, 2007

Israel Baseball League

Looking for something to pass the time while heading into the weekend? If so, I recommend checking out the Israel Baseball League’s website. I am fascinated by the league and its players. For example, Bet Shemesh Blue Sox catcher Lukas Brenowitz is pursuing a Masters Degree in Middle Eastern Strategic Studies and Arabic at Tel Aviv University. I think this may be the same degree that John Kruk earned.

Representing Virginia Beach and the University of Virginia, outfielder Sean Slaugher’s favorite movies are Godfather II and Grandma’s Boy. That seems like an unlikely double-feature.

Tel Aviv Lightning pitcher Daniel Kaufman is “a crafty pitcher from Georgia, played baseball at Emory University with fellow IBL'ers, Aaron Rosdal and Bryan Langbord...helped the Eagles reach the post-season twice in 2004 and 2006...the team was ranked #1 in the country in 2006...looks forward to playing in Israel and meeting a nice Jewish girl to bring home to mom.” This bio is close to that of Tampa Bay Devil Rays’ outfielder Elijah Dukes.

Outfielder Ben Field, with that last name, he couldn’t be a pitcher, graduated from Haverford College.

Plus, Ra'anana Express’ Mike Hochman has a journal which includes the following statement, “This just in: Domincans are good.”

In case you were interested, the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox are dominating the league with a 9-0 record led by Jason Rees (5) and Johnny Lopez (4), who are leading the league in home runs. Oh, if you were wondering if I am scouting this league for potential fantasy baseball players for next season, you would be correct!


Rinsem's Rink said...

Dude? Trolling the Israeli Baseball league? Don't you have any hobbies? Hahhaaa

Anonymous said...

There was a nice article in the Baltimore Sun regarding this league a few weeks back.

Anonymous said...

Games I have been to have been great. My family had an all time good time. My parents were visitng down to my six year old who chases balls were all there. I think it is as baseball existed in the past. The best of baseball feeling.Imagine this. Beautiful scenery. Hot sun, light wind. Ballplayers wearing their jerseys with hebrew. Some very good playing. Kids getting autographs. Kids chasing balls. Older people munching on a burger. Could there be a nicer experience and memory? Thank you Israel Baseball League. L chaim! L Chaim! Amazing addition to Israel. I am certain it will grow and grow because it is such a nice addition to what is.

Sean said...

I really should have written this in the post, but my fascination with the Israel Baseball League is that it is brand new, former Boston Red Sox general manager Dan Duquette is one of the league's executives and that there are players from all over the world. I would guess that most new leagues have players primarily from their own country.

Anonymous #2 - Thank you for the nice comment. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the game. L'Chaim!

Anonymous said...

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