Sunday, July 22, 2007

Finished (No Spoilers Here)

I just finished the seventh and final Harry Potter book. While I really want to talk or write about it, I realize that many folks have not yet finished, so I won’t do either. Therefore, as I am typing this, I am listening to a Podcast from with five people discussing the book. It’s helping a little, but I have my own questions and observations.

One story from Barnes & Noble on Friday night that Harry Potter fans may appreciate. There were some people dressed as Harry Potter or wearing wizard hats or robes. I decided to dress like a character that I knew would not be duplicated, Dean Thomas. To do this, I took a small piece of paper, wrote Dean Thomas on it, and taped it on my shirt like a name tag. I thought it was funny even if it probably wasn’t.

If you want to leave any Harry Potter comments, please feel free to do so. For those who have not finished the book, you may not want to read the comments in case there are spoilers there.

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Christine (and Rob) said...

We both read #7, as well. We went to Borders dressed as Muggles that night (yes, lame) and Rob stayed up reading until 7:30 am, when he finished it - (yes, he reads ridiculously fast and is an alien). I then got up and read it all day Saturday, finishing at 12:30 am on Sunday. Okay, we were a bit obsessed, but my excuse is that school started up again and I won't have any time to read! We have a few questions as well, were saddened by parts, and for the most part feel a sense of closure.