Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Iran So Far Away

When I was looking for a job several years ago, I signed up to receive e-mails for positions at colleges and universities. Even though I’m not on the job search anymore, I still receive these weekly e-mails since I like seeing if there are open positions at schools where I used to work or attend. (In reality, I’m just too lazy to unsubscribe from the list.) Generally, I simply delete the messages, but a recent e-mail got my attention. The Iran University of Science and Technology (“IUST” – doesn’t this sound like a branch of Indiana University) in Tehran is looking for Assistant Professors in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences; Solid Mechanics- Dynamics and Control; Aerospace; Biomechanics; and Manufacturing. It seems a little odd that IUST is seeking candidates from the United States. Anyway, if you're interested in teaching at IUST, the complete job description is here and you may need to speak Farsi.

I really hope that the mascot for IUST is an iguana!

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