Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What Is Wrong With Me?

This is really bad that I'm addicted to The Duel, the latest version of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge on MTV. Before I get started, there are a few things wrong with the title. There hasn't been a Road Rules in five years and I think there is only one person (Tina) on the Duel from RR. Plus, there are all these random people that weren't on either; they were on the last version of the challege called Fresh Meat.

As for the show, Tina may be the most useless person in reality history (Tucker Carlson is a close second). She's not competitive in any of these challenges and all she does is yell and pick fights. She's also not very bright. In last week's show, she got kicked out and lost her chance at $150K by punching the almost as useless Beth. Not that I condone violence, but for a chance at $150K, the punch should at hurt the target. Stupid show and I'm sure I am dumberer for watching it.


Anonymous said...

I actually heard that once the rules were announced for this challenge that there weren't going to be assigned teams, that Tina basically realized she didn't have a shot at winning because there wasn't anyone who liked her. She wouldn't be able to form any alliances, so she took the easy way out and hit Beth, knowing she'd get kicked out for it, rather than getting kicked off by any other means.

Sean said...

That's a good strategy for Tina because there is no chance she would have won. However, I would think it would be better to stay in Brazil a few days longer rather than getting kicked out.