Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm Not Writing About the Steelers

41 points Atlanta! Even worse was giving up most of those points to the Falcons' passing attack. OK, here's some non-Steelers stuff:

I'm glad that Sonic has so many commercials. However, I don't think I have ever seen a Sonic. Where are they located?

So it appears that Jay-Z's retirement is over. That didn't last very long. It's nice that his new song uses the sax sample from the classic Wreckx-N-Effect song "Rump Shaker" from the early 90s.

Is the band Hinder popular? They have a song "Lips of an Angel" that seems to be all over the place. All I think about when I hear the song is that the lead singer sounds like BoB ice and they are preparing to be the next Creed. I really hope they don't become the next U2 or Bon Jovi because I don't want to hear them for the next 20+ years.

OK, I will talk about the game. The red zone defense was poor as was the Special Teams. The bad turnovers really have to stop. While I still feel that the Steelers can turn the season around, I'm not confident that they can go 8-2 the last 10 games, which is probably what they need to do to reach the playoffs. At least Pitt had a good weekend. Maybe not. OK, at least Ithaca College and the Penguins won on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of Sonics out here. But you are right - I've never seen one on the east coast. It's the big before/after BBYO hangout here.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of Sonics in GA, near Atlanta...BTW, I loved the game... : )

Sean said...

Good to know that there are Sonics in Phoenix and Atlanta. Are they any good?

Anonymous said...

Sonics have hotdogs, burgers, chicken, pop corn chicken, tator tots (love them loaded with cheese), and shakes/ice cream. They're like the A&W drive-up in Cortland - yummy, but not good for you.