Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday Wrap

Is it bad to have bagels, cream cheese and lox for dinner three straight nights? I say it's fine!

Does anyone realize that the hockey season starts tonight? I didn't either until about two hours ago.

Speaking of hockey, here are some of the players that made the Penguins roster: Nils Ekman, Dominic Moore, Jarkko Ruutu, Karl Stewart, Chris Thorburn, Mark Eaton (not the 80s basketball player) and Kris Letang. Who are these guys? I remember knowing every single player on the Penguins roster and now I'm lucky to know a third.

Not that many of you care, but my primary fantasy baseball team had a terrible final week of the season causing me to go from 5th place (in the money) to 7th place (not in the money) out of 12 teams. However, I really like my chances for next year. I have a solid nucleus and just need a #1 starter and a good power hitter. I think I sound like the Pirates.


Anonymous said...

Will you enjoy another night of lox and cream cheese tomorrow?

There is always Stouffer's:).

Nick said...

Oh, do you want Jason Schmidt?

Sean said...

Yes, I had bagels, cream cheese and lox last night, making it four straight nights. The streak ended tonight.

I'm not that interested in Jason Schmidt but I'll see what options are available.