Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend Sports Questions

What's wrong with the Steelers? (I could write more here, but it's 12:22 AM, so maybe tomorrow/today.)

Why do people make Terrell Owens out to be the worst player in the NFL? Yes, he's selfish and I would never want him on the Steelers. However, he's never been arrested for domestic violence, weapons charges or worse like other NFL players.

Florida Gator fans: Why do you hate Chris Leak? Is it just because you want Tim Tebow to start?

Did you know Pitt had a running game?

Why is Bill Walsh doing these annoying Coors commercials? Does he need the money?

One more that I forgot last night: If you were the General Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, would you trade Zach Duke and a relief pitcher (Matt Capps, John Grabow or Salomon Torres) for Alex Rodriguez, assuming the Yankees would cover much of A-Rod's salary?


Nick said...

You're kidding with the trade question, right? If I'm the Pirates GM and I can have A-Rod (with a portion of his salary covered) for Zach Duke and John Grabow, I'm all over it.

JQ said...

The Tebow thing goes back to the nature of college football recruiting -- they care about who's next and not what's there now. Tebow is a highly touted recruit so they want him in there now, especially since the last hot-shot recruit (Leak) hasn't fulfilled the ridiculous expectations for him.

I think a lot of sports works this way -- they care so much about the future and the past and the present will never look good enough compared to either time. That's why people wax poetic about days gone by and are always hopeful for next year even when last year isn't close to being over.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers suck. More accurately, Ben sucks. The only question is if he can get things back on track, or if he will be a two-season wonder!

As far as the *team* goes, an arrest off the field is way, way better than what T.O. seems to do to a clubhouse. This explains why teammates hate him. But it doesn't exactly explain why fans think he's "the worst" -- except fans of whatever team he's on.

Sean said...

Maybe the better question is what would you be willing to trade to get A-Rod?

JQ - That makes a lot of sense. Leak is a really good college QB and will have a better career at Florida than Tebow.

I'm still not ready to write about the Steelers. Maybe tomorrow.

What I was getting at with T.O. is why is someone like Leonard Little not in jail? T.O. is a bad teammate, but I'm sure there have been other bad teammates or "cancers" in the clubhouse before.