Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flight Restrictions

As part of today's Halloween celebration, I received pre-packaged cookies made by Cheryl & Co. They are really, really good cookies. Anyway, I'm flying on Thursday and would like to take them on the flight. Am I allowed to take the cookies on the flight or will they get confiscated by airport security?


Nick said...

Yeah, you can take them on the flight. I brought an unwrapped sandwich in my carry-on when I flew about a week ago. The only thing you can't do is bring liquids: coke/water/liquor/etc, even if they're in sealed containers or bottles. Bummer. Also, ALL of your toiletries need to be placed in a Ziploc bag if you wish to stow them in your carry-on.

Sean said...

Thanks Nick. I'm looking forward to eating the cookies at 30,000 feet!