Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How I Met Your Mother

I watched HIMYM last night for the first time this season. (I'm addicted to Prison Break which is on at the same time. Yes, I have started looking into TiVo.) I've missed a few episodes, but when did Ted and Robin get together and what happened to Marshall and Lily? Yes, I realize that these are fictional characters.


Amy said...

First of all, absolutely get TiVo.

Ted and Robin got together in the season finale last season.

Last season Lily on the sly had applied to this art program in San Fran and then she got in and then found out it would be during the time of their wedding. She felt it was something she needed to do and that she needed to 'find herself' outside of just her and Marshall so they broke off the engagement. Marshall was miserable all summer. Now she's back in town and wants to get back together but he says she hurt him too much.

And yes I too realize they are fictional characters. :) I haven't yet watched last night's (waiting for me on TiVo)...

Sean said...

Thanks Amy. One more question. How did Ted & Robin get together? What happened to his girlfriend, who he met at the wedding? (I guess that was two questions.)

Monday night's episode was good. I think you'll like it.

Messiah said...

Oh, where to begin? The girlfriend from the wedding went to Germany to a cooking school (strangely recycled a few episodes later when Lily went to SF for art school). But she and Ted decided to try a long-distance relationship. Then Ted told Robin they were broken up (they weren't), and the two of them were about to get it on, but the girlfriend called from Germany and Robin picked up, and well, you know.
For the finale, Ted simply figured he had to try for Robin one more time. And he persevered. There was something about making it rain.
We give them 5 more episodes.