Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Book Review

As usual, I've been reading a large variety of books lately from Mike Lupica's "Bump and Run" to Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink." I'm looking forward to the next few books I will read: "Glow Pucks and 10-Cent Beer: The 101 Worst Ideas in Sports History" (which I mentioned a few months ago) and "The Great Deluge" about Hurricane Katrina by Douglas Brinkley.

The book I'm currently reading is "What Really Happened to the Class of '93" by Chris Colin. I found this book by accident at the library. It caught my eye since I also graduated in 1993 and is about graduates of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology ("TJ") here in Northern Virginia. While I am enjoying the book, I am continuously comparing the students at TJ to my high school. TJ seems to be very political; the students have intense discussions involving politics and sexuality; and apparently, a good number of students came out during high school. At my high school, we talked about sports, music and relationships (or who liked whom). I didn't know of anyone who came out and I don't remember high school being very political even though the Bush-Clinton Presidential election took place my Senior year.

For high school graduates from the early to mid 1990s, which high school was more typical?

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Christine said...

Your version was my experience in HS - we were more worried about what was going on in our town, where we were going to college to get OUT of our town, and who was seeing who....politics were definitely not on our radar....unless you count the contest for prom King and Queen.