Sunday, August 20, 2006

So Bored

I've talked about my love for fantasy sports many times in the past. I am typing this at the 2.5 hour mark of my 16-team, 15-round fantasy football league online draft. Yes, I've been spending my Sunday evening sitting in front of a computer. Did I mention that this is a 16-team league? Oh, and there are 3:00 minutes for each pick. That is an eternity especially in Round 11 when all of the good players are long gone. We're almost done, so I can go back to enjoying fantasy football soon.

On the bright side, I'm watching the Teen Choice Awards. Nick Lachey won an award for Best Love Song (I think) which could have made for great television since Jessica Simpson is the host. Unfortunately, Jessica did not present the award; she was probably in a dressing room. However, I'll give Nick some credit. His first word for the acceptance speech was "awkward," followed by the sound of 1000 squealing girls.

Kevin Federline will be performing for the first time ever. This could be very entertaining.

Update 10:04: Chewing her gum and looking the opposite of classy, Britney came out to introduce Kevin. His performance: not very good. I guess he thinks that he's a rapper. He may be a good dancer, but singing/rapping, not so much. All I know is that he would never be performing on TV if his wife wasn't Britney. They are just a train wreck.

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