Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Best Steelers Website

I have a link on the right to Steeler cornerback Ike Taylor's "Face Me Ike" website, and I have also profiled Joey Porter's website in the past. Neither of these compare to the MySpace page of Steelers backup center Chukky Okobi. Did you know he's a rapper? I didn't either until I found this site. He's actually pretty good, although I may be a little biased since he mentions the Steelers and Pittsburgh quite frequently. Please note that some of the lyrics may be R-rated. I personally like the 412 references in "In the Strip," but my personal favorite is "Steelers '06 Who's..."

In case you've been wondering, Steelers backup tackle Trai Essex also has a MySpace page.


Archi said...

yeah, i liked the 412's as well. that's hilarious!

Sean said...

Much, much better than the Super Bowl Shuffle!