Sunday, August 13, 2006

3:00 AM Eternal

I'm all for random KLF references instead of the other song I could think of with 3:00 AM prominently featured in the song (Matchbox 20).

Anyway, I fell asleep on the couch a few hours ago, so now I'm wide awake. Basic TV is really, really bad at this time of night/morning. Well, unless you love infomercials! Here's what's on:

- The local FOX station (WTTG) has something about a company called Carleton. I have no idea what it is but there are items such as "How to Skyrockets Your Profits" and "How to Get Cash at Closing."

- The paid program on ABC (WJLA) is from The Sharper Image. They are talking about cleaning a grid. Let's move on.

- Channel 8 News is an ad for Proactiv. Hey, we get famous people like Jessica Simpson and P Diddy!

- WUSA (CBS) - ACFC. I don't know what it is but there's a family riding on a boat. Oh, there's a cash flow workshop involved.

I've also found information for a Sleep Number bed, Tempur-Pedic bed, Time Life's "Classic Sixties" edition (I like this one!) and Erik Estrada talking about Bella Vista Village.

There's something wrong with the local NBC station (WRC). They had an infomercial on at 2:58, but now they're actually showing a real show: an SNL repeat with Kelsey Grammer.

Time to go back to sleep...

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JQ said...

That's why I used to watch cable when I'd be up at that hour. However, the late-night SNL rerun on NBC is cool because it's the full episode and you never know if you'll get an original episode from 1975 or some random Rob Schneider/Adam Sandler one.

As for my favorite infomerical, it's got to be the random one for Picadilly Cafeteria. Hey, look at the new entrees we've got -- yeah, we've got fried chicken.