Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fall TV Preview (Part I)

The TV networks have started to announce the fall line-ups. NBC's fall schedule (here or here includes two "behind the scenes" Saturday Night Live-type shows, three Law & Orders and two nights of Deal or No Deal. The good news is that Scrubs will return at mid-season, which is a good thing. I've enjoyed having new episodes of Scrubs just about every week over the past few months. So long to Joey, Teachers (which I thought had potential), Four Kings, E-Ring and Fear Factor.

The big news from ABC's fall line-up (and here) is that Grey's Anatomy is moving to Thursday at 9. That is going to be a huge TV match-up against CSI and the Saturday Night Live show that looks good (the Aaron Sorkin one with Matthew Perry). John Stamos is out of work as Jake in Progress is gone. Same with Commander in Chief, another show I thought had potential. Maybe ABC shouldn't have show three word show titles with "in" as the second word! That's not a good sign for "Men in Trees."

JQ, if you are reading this, I remember you having something last year about a contest where you guessed what shows would be cancelled first. If you have it, I would love to run it/participate in it in the fall.

I'll have the FOX & CBS line-ups here later this week.


Anonymous said...

John Stamos is actually going to be a regular on ER this season - so not long on the unemployment line for him!

Anonymous said...

I was thoroughly appalled by Teachers after just the first 2 episodes. I even wrote a letter to the network and EW magazine about my disgust. Maybe I took it too seriously, as I am a teacher, but the drinking on the job, laziness, lack of respect for rules, and sexual harassment that seemed to be center themes turned my stomach. Most of the scenarios presented on the show would have resulted in immediate termination or loss of certification. Again, maybe I am just to close to the subject and stressed out by the end of the school year....middle schoolers will do that to you.

Sean said...

Good for John. To be honest, I would have rather have seen him on Jake in Progress than ER.

Sean said...

Christine, the first few episodes of Teachers were completely unrealistic (especially the drinking at school), but I thought that maybe the writing and show would get better after the characters were all introduced.

Anonymous said...

It's the Alison LaPlaca Open, and you can see the history of the contest and the current standings here: http://www.mikeburger.com/laplaca.html

It'll be updated later in the summer for entries. I'm way down in the pack, because two of my shows stayed on (and I was unsure on the technicality of Monday Night Football leaving the schedule).

Andy said...

So happy to hear about Scrubs returning. It's my favorite show on TV, and Lisa and I always look forward to it. But we're four episodes behind, thanks to how busy we've been planning for the wedding! Once we get home after the wedding, we're planning a Scrubs Marathon.