Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why Not?

I wrote a running diary about the Academy of Country Music Awards last year, and since I found while flipping channels, I figured I would do it again. Well, at least until I got bored or switched back to the Heat-Pistons game.

* What do the best new female artist nominees have in common? They all have blond hair, blue eyes and are showing cleavage. Carrie Underwood was the (not so much of a) surprise winner. I never heard of the other two nominees. Carrie made sure to thank Simon Fuller and American Idol. I can't wait for Idol to be over.

* Tony Stewart came out to say something about Home Depot and a Humanitarian Award for Vince Gill. Stewart looks about as athletic as John Kruk or Craig Stadler. Does NASCAR have any kind of fitness program or does Stewart just choose not to participate?

* I would love to see a male country singer wear a hat other than a cowboy hat. Maybe an old school LL Cool J Kangol hat.

* Wow! Rascal Flats were just performing in Vegas and then magically are now performing wherever the award show is taking place. I'm getting bored very quickly.

* The Heat are up by five to start the fourth quarter. I'll be asleep before the game ends.

* Stupid awards show. Everyone who performs just before their category, wins. OK, I don't know if it is EVERYONE but that just happened for Rascal Flats and Keith Urban Kidman.

That's it for me. Over Done; Done Over.

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