Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jackson Hole Update

I have not had consistent internet access, but wanted to provide an update of things here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. First, this is a sample picture of a room in the hotel. My hotel room is extremely similar except my view is not THIS nice.

A few other notes...if you are ever in Jackson Hole and need a taxi, call Jimmy at Teton Taxi. I'll even give you the number (307-733-1506). Of course, if you are in Wyoming you don't need the area code since there is only one for the entire state. Jimmy is Teton Taxi (it is a one-cab fleet), has been extremely friendly and reliable and suggested a great restaurant that is popular with locals and not filled with tourists.

I also visited the Jackson KMart. Apparently, the KMart here is either the highest grossing or has the highest revenue of any KMart in the country. I guess that's what happens when there are few national chains in the region and no Walmarts or Targets.


Amy said...

Are you in Jackson Hole for vacation or for work? Sounds awesome.

Dan said...

that was going to be similar to my question, but it would probably have been more like, "what the hell are you doing in wyoming?!"

Sean said...

I am in Jackson Hole for work. I'll be back in DC late tonight. No bear or moose sightings.