Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Why I'm In Last Place

I wrote last month the results of my fantasy baseball draft. I am in two leagues, but I really care about the league I have been in for 15 years. Only one month into the baseball season and I'm in last place with little hope of improvement. Here's why:

Odalis Perez (LA) 3-1 record/6.90 ERA/1.70 Walks + Hits divided by Innings (WHIP)
Oliver Perez (PIT) 1-4/7.535/2.163
Ben Sheets (MIL) 1-3/6.639
Carlos Zambrano (CHI) 0-2/5.346/1.723

Ray Durham (SF) .203 average/1 Home Run/8 Runs Batted In
Rafael Furcal (LA) .203/0/3
Jeff Kent (LA) .189/1/12
Brian Schneider (WAS) .198/0/9
Skip Schumaker (STL) .180/1/2
Jose Valentin (NY) .130/0/0

Just terrible.

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