Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fall TV Schedule (Part II)

With the season finales of Lost and American Idol now come and gone, there will now be very little on TV until the fall. I presented a preview of the fall TV schedule for ABC and NBC last week; here is the fall line-up for CBS and FOX.

Basically, there is nothing new for CBS. There will still be 3 CSIs and the rest of the military and crime shows (Cold Case, Without a Trace, The Unit, NCIS...I have never watched any of these shows). Even though I haven't watched the show much over the past few months (courtesy of Prison Break), I'm very happy that How I Met Your Mother will be back. This is the one show I hope to catch in reruns this summer. Gone are Yes Dear and Still Standing. Oh, the Dharma (Jenna Elfman) show didn't make it either. There are a few new dramas that I know about only through this article: Smith starring Ray Liotta (I also heard that this may be filmed in Pittsburgh; well possibly one episode) and Shark with James Woods. Unfortunately, Shark has nothing to do with Spring Break Shark Attack.

Lisa De Moraes (the extremely funny Washington Post TV writer; read her American Idol reviews) has a preview of FOX and CW (the new network from CW and WB). FOX has a few new shows including Standoff with Ron Livingston and 'Til Death starring Brad Garrett (from Raymond). The Simpsons and Family Guy will be back, and remarkably, so will The War at Home. The producers of The War at Home must have some dirt on Rupert Murdoch because this may be the worst show on TV. I never watch WB or CW but 7th Heaven and Everyone Hates Chris will be back.

If there are any good shows this summer (Hit Me One More Time?), I'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, I'll be watching the first season of Lost.


Sarah said...

NCIS is a great show - probably difficult to get into in the 4th season, but a good show.

And yeah, why Spring Break Shark Attack did not become its own series is beyond me.

Sean said...

Unless someone I personally know was in an episode, I probably won't start watching NCIS now. Although Mark Harmon was terrific in "Summer School."

As for Spring Break Shark Attack, that is a series I would watch. Of course, the would have to change the title depending on the time of year (Winter Break Shark Attack, Halloween Vacation Shark Attack, etc.)