Sunday, May 14, 2006

I Feel Old & Young

This actually has nothing to do with my birthday; just with my activities from this weekend. On Friday night, we went to a community theatre performance of "Run For Your Wife," a very funny British play about a taxi driver that has two wives in opposite ends of London and has his worlds collide. Anyway, my wife and I are about 35 years younger than the age of the average audience member. The performances are great; I just wish that there were a few more people around our age in attendance.

On the other end of the spectrum, we went to a Bar Mitzvah yesterday. Naturally, there were dozens of 7th graders running around. Oh, to be 13 again when life revolved around school, sports and friends (not in that particular order). Good times!


Nick said...

"Run for Your Wife" is pretty interesting. I saw it in a community theater production in hicago and actually counted the number of times a door slammed: somewhere in the neighborhood of 200x. Of course, that's one of the hallmarks of British farce. Years later, Ray Cooney wrote a sequel called "Caught in the Net." I saw that too, around the same time. IT'S DREADFUL.

Did you also feel like "Run for Your Wife" was a giant episode of "Three's Company"?

Sean said...

I really enjoyed "Run For Your Wife," and now that you mention it, the play could have been based on Three's Company. I have to tell you that slamming doors is pretty funny, although 200+ times may be overkill.