Monday, April 10, 2006

Your 2006 Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machines

That would be my fantasy/rotisserie baseball team name. We had our auction draft over the weekend, and this year marks the 15th year that I have been in this particular league. There are very few things that I have been involved with since high school, and I am happy that this is one of them. The main reason, of course, is the people in the league. I have known and been friends with many of the participants since high school, junior high and even elementary school. I have lost touch with many friends from my childhood, but the baseball league has been the primary way that I've kept in touch with these friends.

As for the results of the league, I have never won in the previous 14 years. Maybe the 15th time is the charm! After you see my team, you will probably disagree. In case you were wondering, this is a 12-team NL-only league.

C Mike Lieberthal - PHI
C Brian Schneider - WAS
1B Xavier Nady - NY
2B Rickie Weeks - MIL
SS Rafael Furcal - LA
3B Miguel Cabrera - FLA
CM Mike Lamb - HOU
MM Jeff Kent - LA
OF Luis Gonzalez - ARI
OF Larry Bigbie - STL
OF Dave Roberts - SD
OF Jose Valentin - NY
OF Craig Wilson - PIT
UM Ray Durham -SF
P Ben Sheets - ATL
P Oliver Perez - PIT
P Odalis Perez - LA (Yes, I have both O. Perezes!)
P Chad Cordero - WAS
P Carlos Zambrano - CHI
P Tim Worrell - SF
P Dewon Brazelton - SF
P Todd Coffey - CIN
P Sean Burnett - PIT

With three of these guys injured, I also now have the following players on my roster:
OF Skip Schumaker - STL
P Sergio Mitre - FLA (You know Sergio?)
P Aaron Cook - COL

There are also several other minor leaguers on my roster, but the only one of note is Atlanta catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia because his nickname is Salty.

Maybe the 16th time is the charm?

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