Saturday, April 22, 2006

All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

I woke up at 8:00am this morning ready for my first games of the soccer season. Since it has been raining here in the DC area since yesterday afternoon, I called the "field closure" line. Of course, the message said that the games were on as scheduled and that it would be the referee's decision as to whether the games would be played. As the referee, I would have loved to say that the games were cancelled, but the expectations are that I would actually go to the field, check the conditions and tell the teams in person. Therefore, I got ready to go, ate breakfast, put on the uniform and got all of my equipment together. Throughout the morning, I continuously tried to call the field closure line but only received a busy signal.

Just before I left for the field (9:15am), I tried one more time. The updated message said that all games are cancelled for today. So now I'm very awake and have nothing to do.


Anonymous said...

I am up early this morning but not dressed and not going anywhere. :)We had this big computer server move last night for work, so I've been online since 2:30AM my time coordinating and troubleshooting. It's now 7AM...not done yet, looking for something to read, and find out Sean's on too. :)

Anonymous said...

I was up then, but that is because Freebird gets up at 6, and there's no rain cancellation for his early wakeup.

But man, getting up, showering, and having breakfast only to find a field cancellation an hour after you got up? That bites.

Sean said...

How about this? Today, I went to the field only to find out that the game was cancelled. All of the refs were there, it was sunny and the field was in good condition. However, since there was rain throughout the weekend, including this morning, all games were cancelled. That was more frustrating than yesterday.