Monday, April 03, 2006

Two Commercials

Thanks to the NCAA Tournament, I have watched hundreds of commercials over the past few weeks. Correction: I have watched 10 about 50 times each. There are two commercials in particular I wanted to point out. The first is the Burger King with a guy dressed in a chicken costume and a guy riding him like it was a rodeo. It is a stupid commercial, but I like the song. Feel free to sing along if you would like:

Big Bucking Chicken
You are big and you are chicken.

Again, this is a very stupid commercial and does not make me want to eat at BK, but the song does stay in your head. The second commercial is Subway Dinner Theatre starring Jon Lovitz. I never thought I would say this but I miss Jon Lovitz. He was always great on SNL. Anyway, Lovitz is great yelling, "The blond boy is an idiot." I may have messed up the line but it's funny. Eat Fresh!

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Christine said...

Rob and I do not hear "bucking" anymore...but we laugh, just the same.