Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Very Random Stuff

* Did you know that there are only two players named Marlon in baseball history? Marlon Anderson and Marlon Byrd and they both currently play for the Washington Nationals.

* My juror number did not get called for today so my jury duty is now done. My civic duty consisted of not being selected to hear a cocaine possession case.

* This is from The Washington Post Express (where I sadly get much of my news): Baylor University law students are angry after part of their library was closed Saturday so the dean's son could host a high-school pre-prom party. It's finals week at the law school, and students booted from the library protested outside, saying they pay tuition to use the facility and needed to study. The partying teenagers' parents, however, said the students could find something else to do. Unfortunately, I can see those same parents complaining to the university if their kids were the law students.

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