Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jury Duty Question

So I have jury duty on Tuesday. I have all the information I need but have one question. Is there a way to find out what cases may be considered? It seems like this should be public record. Of course, the court may not want jury members to look up information about potential cases.


Messiah said...

You probably won't find anything out before you arrive. If you're curious when you get there, the docket sheets are posted on the bulletins boards by the elevators (basement) or bulletin boards (first floor). But they don't really tell you anything. Be sure to arrive early, as the security lines can be killer. And if you have a camera on your cell phone, you'll have to check it at the security desk, so best to leave it in your car. You won't really find out anything about the case until you get seated in a particular court room and the questions about potnetial bias start to be asked. What's weird is that the lawyers in the case already know about you! Well, the court provides them a few days beforehand with your name, age, zip code, employer, wife's name, and wife's employer. From that, if you're one of the first 25 or so potential jurors that will be called in that case, the lawyers will also likely check on your criminal background, speeding tickets, etc. to see if you have any biases (pro or con) for their case. You can't hide, Sean!

Sean said...

In that case, I bet the lawyers are reading this right now!