Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stories From Home

We recently bought my parents a DVD/VCR combination so that they could join the 21st Century but still watch VHS tapes. For the first time, my parents rented a DVD over the weekend. After watching the movie, my dad, being the responsible consumer, wanted to make sure that the DVD was rewound for the next person renting the movie. You may be asking how exactly does one rewind a DVD. The answer: by hitting the back button. After an hour and a half (amazingly the exact same time the movie ran), the movie was done rewinding.


My mom has been invited to a bridal shower with a holiday theme. Each guest buys a gift for the bride relating to a specific holiday. My mom was given the holiday of Yom Kippur. The first question is why would you choose Yom Kippur as one of the holidays to celebrate an upcoming wedding? The second question is what do you get? I guess a bagel cutter and a gift certificate for bagels (to break the fast). Any other ideas?


Sarah said...

Breath mints. Everyone on Yom Kippur needs breath mints.

Andy said...

I have not thought about rewinding rented videos in years. It's amazing how ancient that concept even sounds to me nowadays. Long gone are the "Be Kind, Rewind!" stickers on VHS tapes from Blockbuster.

Yeah... Yom Kippur. Tough one. Reminds me of several years ago when Evite stupidly listed Yom Kippur in an "upcoming reasons to celebrate" e-mail newsletter. The mea culpa followed a few days later.

Messiah said...

How 'bout a vintage Bob Kipper jersey?

Sean said...

Nothing says congratulations on your upcoming wedding like a Bob Kipper jersey and breath mints!

Yom Kippur is just not a joyful holiday.

Brian Stern said...

I would suggest buying a bottle of Drambuie and a bottle of Jamisons so the happy couple can make Rusty Nails.

"I'm loaded"