Monday, March 06, 2006

Sunday Night Notes

Quick final thoughts from last night...

I ended up 7 for 9 with my picks. I decided to have one upset pick with Capote over Brokeback Mountain for Adapted Screenplay even though I thought Brokeback would win. Of course, I lost on Best Picture.

Did I miss it or did Jack Nicholson not open the envelop for Best Picture and just thought he would say Crash?

Dustin Hoffman may be an amazing actor, but he is a terrible presenter. He just seemed to smile and talk about nothing in particular, and he did the same thing at the Grammys a few years ago.

Finally, George Mason lost to Hofstra, which means they may be on the bubble for getting in the NCAA Tournament. I think they deserve to get in, but I may be biased. If they do make the tournament, they will have to play without one of their best players Tony Skinn, who will be suspended one game for punching a Hofstra player where guys should not be punched at the end of the game. Not too smart.

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